Sunday, May 22, 2011

…A Brand New Car!!!

Wow, it's been a heck of a weekend. Saturday Scott and I went to test drive the Scion xb. Well, now I own it.

There is is, sitting in front of my old car. It's a gorgeous color (Sizzling Crimson) which doesn't really show up in the photograph as fiery and iridescent as it does in person. It truly sizzles.

I pick it up Tuesday once they get the accessories I selected installed. I opted for the Bluetooth handsfree phone and the automatic start. It'll be nice on those chilly mornings to start my car from the warmth of my house.

Now I can start obsessing over it's care. The dealership offers free lifetime oil changes and when you bring it in for the change they also wash it for you! How cool is that! But, I am already fearing it's first scratch or ding. I've never owned a brand new car before and always considered my used cars disposable. So what if something happens to it…it's used. Now I will need to begin shining it, and waxing it and, most certainly, locking it!

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