Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Place To Stay

I've talked about Cabana Gardens Guest House in previous posts. I can't extol it's virtues enough as THE place to stay when in Rehoboth Beach. It's clean, has a great selection of rooms, and is smack dab in the middle of everything you'd want to do in Rehoboth. Not to mention the fact that the owner, Gary lets us decorate our space. We always stay in the rooms that border the pool on the upper deck and we always bring our own accouterments.

Those lanterns and drapes...they're ours.
Inez, who is a member of the cleaning staff came by the pool the first day we were there to say, "When I saw the decorations, I knew you were back!" 

Our vacation space
I provide the lanterns. This year I decided to go with slightly more expensive nylon lanterns that would survive any weather we might get without running and fading of the color. I also figured that we could use them from year to year. We did lose one in a storm that hit our second day there. A small price to pay to have such a colorful and inviting space. Tod fashions the drapes. In the late afternoon the sun just burns into the second story deck. Having the curtains to close during that time is a welcome relief. No burned feet or sweaty bodies that way.

The late afternoon view.
What a marvelous spot to sit and read a book, or in my case, sip a cocktail. Next year, with the addition of one more set of curtains it will be complete. It's nice while on vacation to be given the latitude to make a space which isn't your own, your own. Maybe Gary let's us do it because we have been staying there for so long, but for whatever reason...I'm really happy that he allows us to customize our vacation experience.

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