Thursday, August 23, 2012

MIxx It Up!

When in Rehoboth Beach, our last traditional activity is to go to Half Price Martini Night at Mixx

Also on that night they offer $8 burgers...who could ask for anything more? Well, I think next year we will arrive on Wednesday so we can do this our first night in town instead of our last. It sucks having to drive home with a hangover the next day.

Mixx always features the art of a local...well, I don't know how local, artist. This time there were these great comic book inspired paintings. If I had an extra $250 with me that night, I would have purchased this one.

Pretty much me, in a nut shell.
Ok, now on to the martinis and food. I started off with a refreshing cucumber martini.

Veggies! See, cocktails can be healthy.
I'm not a huge fan of cucumbers, but as you can see from this next picture, once they soak in vodka...they're quite good.

My next choice from their extensive martini menu was a little closer to home. And by home, I mean it was my cocktail of choice, just in a martini form.

The Mojito Martini!
Basically, it was a Mojito without all that nasty ice to get in the way and water it down. I will need to start making these at home. For dinner, (I know, the liquid dinner was going so nicely) I chose the Chicken Caprese Burger.

AND Sweat Potato Fries!!!!
It's a combination of a ground chicken patty that is topped with basil pesto, fresh mozzarella, and grilled tomatoes on the bottom. It is heaven, between two slices of Focaccia Bread. On to dessert!

Yes, dessert is more martinis
I mean, come on...they are half price! How can you blame me? I had the Expresso Martini and Tod had their Chocolate Martini. They were the perfect end to the perfect meal. Any meal is perfect when it contains an abundance of martinis!

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