Friday, August 24, 2012

No Trip Complete

I would be remiss if I didn't talk about 2 food items in Rehoboth that are simply unmatched in comparison with items I have found in my other travels.

The Chicken Salad from Lori's Oye Vey Cafe
Chicken salad is one of my staples in life. I've always been a fan of the stuff my mother whips up, but sorry Mom...Lori's is so much better! It's chunkier, which isn't always my choice, but then she adds sliced apples, slivered almonds and just a hint of bleu cheese. On our first day there I always order a side of it with my sandwich. Then I go back and order an entire pound of it to keep in my cooler and snack on. This trip, I went through 2 pounds of it. Nummy!

Death Fries from Arena Deli
This year Tod and I made a new discovery. We were at the pool the day before we left and decided we would order in from Arena Deli. Knowing that we had our dinner at Mixx that evening we decided we should order a light lunch. We would split a sandwich...very light. Well, then Tod decided he wanted an order of their fabulous Mozzarella Sticks and from there we just went downhill and ordered the Death Fries. What are Death Fries you ask? French fries that are fried and placed in the oven covered in cheese and bacon. After baking they are then drizzled in BBQ sauce and ranch dressing. I know, horrible for you, but soooooo good! I convinced myself they were low carb, because once you fry a potato in oil, it's not a starch's a fat. That's my story and I'm stick'in to it!

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