Friday, June 15, 2012


The Hubby headed off the other day to State College to see his family and to interview for a job up there. Before he left tho, he brought me in some Convalescent Flowers.

He has such a knack for combining colors

It was wonderful while trapped here at my desk with my leg up to be able to look over and see such a pretty arrangement. It's a skill I've never possessed...being able to grow flowers. I can buy them, I can arrange them, I just can't grow them.

So, once he was gone I grabbed the shears and decided to create another couple of presentations. I'm probably going to get in trouble for this, but oh well!

Wine glasses, not just for wine...who knew???

I love displaying just a single bloom, especially when it's lilly of some sort or another. I feel like it really shows off the flower in a way it doesn't when it's paired with other flowers in an arrangement.

It's like it's bathing in purple!

I also enjoy combining a large bloom with an assortment of another smaller bloom in a contrasting color. Not your typical arrangements, but then I've never really been called "typical". Not to mention that these are soooo much easier than putting together a full arrangement. I'll leave that to The Hubby.

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