Monday, June 25, 2012

Cookography: Pots De Creme

I can't take credit for this recipe, although I did augment it just a touch. I found it on one of my favorite Blogs, The Pioneer Woman Cooks. I made it for my families "Father's Day/Nieces Birthday" dinner this past weekend. As I've mentioned in the past, my family doesn't celebrate any holiday on the day that it falls...Oy!

Anyway, this quick and easy dessert was just what we needed.


You just can't go wrong with chocolate and whipped topping. These little gems took all of 10 minutes to create and all of 2 seconds to eat. You start with eggs, chocolate chips, a dash of salt, and your desired flavoring (I used Amaretto) in a blender.

The Oster of my heart!

You mix this on low until it's well combined. Then you take a cup of strong, very hot coffee and you pour it through the lid while mixing on high. The hot coffee melts the chocolate and tempers the eggs until you have chocolate goodness you just want to pour on someone and lick it off (I digress)! You then pour it into whatever vessels you have handy. I had these little deposable shot glasses just sitting around.

An empty shot glass is no good to anyone!

I also wound up grabbing these small ramekins for the excess.

The rest I drank from the blender.

Then your refrigerate them until they are set and serve them with your favorite whipped topping. I used the Cool Whip seasonal flavor, French Vanilla.

My Mom's Boston Creme Pie in the background. Also Yummy!

These were a total hit with the family. Well, except for the family members who don't ever drink coffee. They found the coffee taste too much. Those who drink coffee didn't notice the coffee flavor at all. They focused on the did I. In the end these are great low sugar desserts that pack a powerful chocolate punch without being overly sweet.

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  1. and they were absolutely devine...Devine I say!