Saturday, April 14, 2012

Nothing to Do With Canada: Rum Cake

I'm now a manager at work. I have 11 people under me. I call them "My Minions". Not to their face of course...ok, YES I have called them that to their faces, but only in a joking manner. Anyway, one of my Minions went on vacation and brought me back the perfect present. Rum Cake from Mexico!

How Festive!

Cupcake sized...larger would have been nice.
Do my Minions know me or what? I'm not accusing this particular one of trying to get on my good side...but Rum certainly never hurts. It was yummy, and it gave me a bit of a buzz. Yes, I ate it at work. Hmm, I'm beginning to not sound like the best manager in the world. I now want to try to make my own Rum Cake. Anyone have any recipes they'd like to share?

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