Wednesday, March 16, 2011

V is for…Vomitous

I know, a while back, I told you how excited I was about this series. Well, I was wrong. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!

I was willing to give it a chance. Most series, if they don't have me by the 4th episode, they're toast. V was given a reprieve because I saw such hope in the series. The casting was amazing, the plot possibilities limitless, and they have access to much better visual effects than the original had. How could it go wrong?

I'll tell you how it could go wrong. By ending it's season (series? It hasn't been renewed yet) the exact same way it ended it's second (horrible) mini-series. This time it wasn't a magical child saving the day, it was a magical child enslaving all of humanity…but seriously, had the series writers learned nothing?

They pulled out all the stops for this finale, perhaps they know they aren't coming back, so it doesn't really matter. There were probably 4 different points that the writers could have gone an entirely different way with. At every turn they made the wrong decision. This culminated with the "Magical Child" and that, my blog readers, is were they lost me. Five minutes before the ending credits rolled.

I hope it does return for a 3rd season. I'd hate to see some of these actors out of work. But I will not be returning. I couldn't swallow the "Magical Child" ending the first time around. They certainly are not going to shove it down my throat twice like some furry Guinea Pig.

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  1. For this they didn't renew Flash original concept show with oh so many least I get to say...I told you so...I often wonder if the Executives for these networks even bother to watch the shows they produce. My guess is no.

  2. I tried to watch the new one. But after the first episode I realized that I kept comparing it to the original so I stopped. Sad they went there.