Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sir-Mix-A-Lush -- The Fuzzy Man-D-Cran

This one is for Kimmy!

I can't take credit for creating this cocktail. Scott came up with the mixture. He called me one night, apparently, after having a few of these concoctions to ask what he should name it.

Since I gave it name, I am including it here.

Recipe --

Start with a Rocks Glass filled with ice and add:

      1oz  Absolut Mandarin Vodka
      1oz  Absolut Peach Vodka
      1oz  Cranberry Juice
Top off with Sprite(Diet or Zero if you like), garnish with an orange slice if you like, and serve.

It's an unlikely combination of flavors, but it works on many levels. It's sweet without being too sweet, tart without being too tart, and fizzy all at the same time.

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