Friday, March 11, 2011

Sir-Mix-A-Lush -- My Signature Cocktail

I apologize for starting this feature without first introducing you to my bar. I promise that post isn't too far away. But I couldn't wait to get started showing off some on my libationous configurations. Pretty much, it's just another good excuse to drink! Tho, I 'm not sure I've ever really needed an excuse.

I christen this new feature with…

The Riff - My Signature Cocktail

Backstory --

Many years ago, well about 17 to be exact, I was just getting into liquor. Prior to that I was a cheap beer drinker. GASP! I know, folks who know me now would never believe that. I discovered that I enjoyed Rum, after a few mishaps with some other forms of alcohol that didn't exactly leave a good taste in my mouth…especially the second time past it, if you get my drift.

So many of the Rum drinks I sampled were terribly sweet and I am not a "sweet drink" kind of guy. So I set out to find a combination of ingredients I could enjoy my Rum with. I had always liked Vodka Tonics, except for the Vodka. So I decided to combine Rum with Tonic Water. Then came the task of finding another mixer or two for the drink. It was a long arduous (and drunken) task, but I finally settled on orange juice. It's not too sweet and it's not too bitter. The quantity of the juice was hard to nail down. A shot was way too much. You totally lost the taste of the Rum. Even a splash (by most bartenders measure) is even too much. So I settled on "A Whisper of Orange Juice". If forced to explain what a "whisper" is, I'd have to say a tablespoon may even be too much. The Riff was born!

The Recipe --

Start with a Rocks Glass filled with ice, then add:

     2 ounces Light Rum
     Fill with Tonic Water to almost the top
     Add a "Whisper" of Orange Juice
     Stir, and serve

A word about garnish. I rarely mess with it. It just wastes space that could be better filled by liquor as far as I'm concerned. For the purposes of the above photo, I used an orange. Please feel free to use whatever you would like.

Variations --

The Riff Raff - Use 2 ounces of Spiced Rum in place of the Light Rum. I usually garnish this one with a cinnamon stick if I have any lying around. The drink gets spicier the longer you drink it.

Riff - The Dark Side - Use 2 ounces of Dark Rum instead of Light Rum

Riff-The Dark Side, The Riff Raff, and the Classic Riff


  1. Being a rum drinker myself, I may have to try this.

  2. I am a sweet drinker and hate the taste of find me some drinks, will ya?

  3. I have one for you coming up next Kimmy, or maybe not next…but soon.