Monday, March 14, 2011

Nirvana In My Home - The Bar

Sorry, I know I have been planning this post for a while. But, here it is…My Bar! When I moved into The Church I made a few decisions. There would be a high speed internet, there would be no cable TV, and there would be a FULL BAR. Part of it was just the naughtiness of putting a full bar in a church, but I also planned for this to be the perfect party space, and for that you need a good bar.

Here is what the original bar looked like.

It served it's purpose very well. It was also too small to handle the amount of liquor I wanted to offer to my guests…and ultimately myself. So once, the back room, which now houses the Bedroom, Bathroom, Laundry Room and Closet was complete I decided to rearrange and increase the size of the bar.

Here is the new and improved bar.

One third larger and more spectacular! Also, the new bar is closer to the kitchen which isn't a bad thing. My hope someday is to put a little sink of it's own behind this bar, but it's going to require some creative plumbing to do so.

The liquor dispensers are still my favorite part. I have the Rum Dispenser and the Vodka Dispenser. They put out a perfect ounce of your desired libation. No proper bar should be without them. You will also note that the wines from my previous post are here in quantity!

No bar should be without a refrigerator of some sort. I chose a smaller one in this case so that I can keep small quantities of mixers chilled for drinks. The shelving unit it sits on is an entertainment center I found at  Walmart. Perfect for this reuse. Next to it is my case of Beaujolais and another thing everyone should have, a decent sized cooler. You never know when you might be taking the bar on the road. Well, I do know. It goes to the beach with me every year.

So that's the bar. Hope you enjoyed. Feel free to stop by for a cocktail sometime. I should note, I don't stock Tequila, it's the one liquor I can not tolerate. So if you're in the mood for a margarita…head somewhere else…or bring your own :-)

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  1. I totally enjoy drinking at your bar! Maybe if i was drinking there now, I would feel less like shit! But are in Chicago!