Saturday, January 21, 2012


I may possibly have a new favorite television show. Don't be silly! Nothing will replace Once Upon A Time in my heart. But this one comes close.

Via NBC. I did not take this photo LOL
For reasons I can't explain and by means that could possibly send me to prison, I was able to view the pilot episode of the new NBC series "SMASH". (Yes, I think it must always be capitalized) In a nutshell, it follows the cast as they attempt to produce a musical about Marilyn Monroe on Broadway. A lot of buzz in the media has compared it to Glee, one of my other favorite shows. Well, let me tell you, this show ain't nothing like Glee! 

There is singing and musical numbers, but not like the ones on Glee. This show is produced much more like movie musical than Glee. Many more of the numbers on this show are original songs springing out of the writers of the fictional musical the show is about. I noticed one cover song in the pilot. Not something that can be said of Glee. One thing this show has that Glee will never have is Angelica Houston! She is amazing. I hope they give her a number to sing eventually.

I want to stop comparing these shows. They are two very different beasts and I think there is plenty of room in the television landscape for them both to prosper and thrive. What would be cool is a crossover story arc where Rachel and Kurt graduate from McKinley High and go to New York and get cast in "Marilyn"! I know it will never happen...different networks. But it would be soooooo cool!

So, if you are at all interested in musical television, then be sure to watch SMASH (all caps) on NBC after the Super Bowl (is that a large Tupperware Party?) on Feb 6th.

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