Friday, January 20, 2012


It can mean many things. It can be something you have, something you go to for it's educational value, and often...something far too many people are without on a daily basis. For the purposes of this post, I am talking BUSINESS CLASS!

United Airlines. I did not take the picture.
It has been far too many years since I had Premier status on United Airlines. Back when I was last in the "club" you were sometimes given free upgrades out of economy seating into business or first class seats. Now the program automatically upgrades you if there are seats available based on all kinds of statistical minutia that I don't even begin to comprehend.

This was my first time actually getting the upgrade, and ya know what? I slept through it for the entire flight to Chicago. I didn't drink myself silly on free booze. I never even cocked my foot rest. The reading lamp went entirely unused. The light snack that was served...not to me! I was snoring I'm sure.

I did, however, take full advantage of the massaging lumbar support. You set it to the maximum level you wish to be supported and magic, it inflates and deflates in what seemed to be a random pattern. I can't really attest to that because, well...I was asleep! What I can tell you is that I had the most restful 2 hour nap on a plane that I have ever had in my 13 years of flying. I slept so soundly that I even dreamed. About what? I have no idea! That is how perfectly sound asleep I was.

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