Sunday, January 8, 2012

My New Baby

An update on my cracked phone saga.

So, I got to Vegas and fully planned on waiting until the Consumer Electronic Show opened in order to seek a repair for the busted screen on my iPhone 4. Well, I couldn't wait. Off my work wife Ashlun and I went to The Apple Store.

I got up to The Genius Bar, (gotta love how Apple names things) and was told that they could replace my screen for $149 and that it would take a couple of days. Well, I can't be without a phone, especially while onsite, for a couple of days. So I mentioned that I was due for an upgrade through AT&T and the guys said, "Dude, for $50 bucks more, you can have a brand new iPhone 4S". 

Well, that was all it took for me. In less than a half hour I was walking out of the store with my new baby.

Ok, yes it looks exactly like my old phone. I'm ok with that. I loved my old phone. This one has a much better camera, a faster processor, longer battery life, AND Siri. Siri is the new digital personal assistant built into the iPhone 4S. It's kind of amazing. It lets me use voice command like never before. I can say, "Call Mom" and it knows, based on the configuration of my address book and frequent calls just who Mom is. I asked Siri if she was married and she said, "We're here to talk about you Jim, not me". Too Fun! I can also ask things like, "Do I need to take a coat with me tonight?", and Siri accesses local weather and it's trends and said, "It's going to get chilly, you might want to take a jacket."

So, "Welcome" to the newest addition to my technological family...I'll be holding a shower later this month.

 Update: So now I have 2 older iPhones sitting around collecting dust. My iPhone 3G was the victim of "Sweat Damage", it's Home Button stopped working, but has now miraculously began working again. So if there is anyone out there looking for an iPhone, even if it isn't the latest model, let me know. We can work out a deal. I think I may bite the bullet and repair the screen on my iPhone 4 myself and then try to sell it as well. That way, getting the iPhone 4S will be like getting a free phone!

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  1. Love the shoutout! You should've posted the kid at Christmas pic from the van. Happy iPizzling!