Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Christmas Decor

Every year depending on how the After-Christmas sales work out, we wind up with new decor in the home. It's just in time for the "Come See The Tree Before It Dies" Party so it's perfect! This year I was able to find a few lovely additions to our home…and electric bill.

I found this snowman at a local garden/xmas shop that begins a progressive discounting policy the week prior to Xmas. He's so adorable. Here's a close up…

I love the "shatter-glass" effect of his torso and it also looks like he is licking that Xmas Tree like a lolipop. Awwwwww! At the same place, I also found this…

Lighted glitter tree!
Anyone who knows me knows that if it glitters or lights I am all about it. This does both. As it heats from the light in the bottom the glitter dances up the tree creating a soft warm glow.

Next, I was off to Pier 1 to see what their "50% Off Sale" had to offer. I finally found the placemats I had been looking for all season.

I wanted then in white, but red will do.
I'd been looking for a placemat that said "Winter" instead of "Christmas" and I think these jeweled snowflake mats do just the trick. Did I mention they were a dollar a piece? They were! What a baragin!!! Lastly, a Pier 1, I found this…

Who doesn't love a gaudy mirrored star?
I couldn't resist this bargain. My spacial acuity told me it would fit perfectly on the mirror by my desk, and it does! Bingo!!!

That's my new Christmas Decor for the year. Did you find any After-Christmas baragins? If so, please share in the comments.

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