Monday, December 19, 2011

And Now Ladies & Gentlemen...

…I present to you, Abigail Church!

You might remember a few months back when I was talking about having to fit into something very tight? Well here she is!

My friend Tod and I performed at an AIDS Benefit in Altoona, PA. It was Abigail's first time ever on stage. She was supposed to preform a couple of years ago at a benefit at The Lodge, but the "Blood Clot" Incident prevented that. So Abigail finally go her chance to shine in PA.

Tod, and his alter ego, Jillian Howard then joined Abigail to perform a duet.

And then it was Abigail onstage again to round out the night.

Hopefully she will get a chance to perform locally and you all can come out to see her…and tip her profusely.


  1. You were fabulous!!! I think there should've been a bigger audience for such a talented star! Those dresses, the legs, and the tips... woo hoo! Awesome performance and I hope I get to see her sometime... soon!