Wednesday, December 21, 2011

And It's Decorated

Three days after the "lighting" the tree is complete. The Hubby did a wonderful job and I helped by buying a lot more ornaments for him to hang. Ain't I a sweetie???

Yep, 15 feet of Christmas brick-a-brac
And here are some detail shots.

Ya gotta have heart!
Yes, there it is, "The Heart of the Tree". Call me sentimental, and not many people would, but I bought that ornament for The Hubby the first year we had Christmas together. I know, get out the hanky! <sniff sniff> If it ever were to break, I can't help but think that mine would too.

From below
It's a little daunting crawling under 15 feet of tree to get a shot like this. All I could imagine were the sheer number of glass shards I would be picking out of myself if something were to fall. 

Merry Christmas!

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