Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Outta Here!

I know, I just got back from Atlanta, and it was ok. But now I am off on vacation to Rehoboth Beach and I can't wait. Look, I'm already packing!

Yep, the bar is in that cooler!

Packing for the beach is completely different than packing for my business trips. I start by making 5 for the clothes, one for the bar, a list of toiletries, the electronics get a list, and finally...there is an ETC list for things that don't fall into any of the above categories. So much more is involved in vacation packing. You have to have 3 outfits a day, the pool outfit, the lunch outfit and then later the dinner/bar outfit. Sometimes the dinner outfit can't be the same as the bar outfit, so then you have to have 4 outfits for that day.

I take a lot of mix and match stuff. T-shirts that go with shorts and later dress up with a bowling shirt for a bar outing. One thing I do not take are any kind of shoe that entirely encloses the foot. This is vacation and it's flip/flops and sandals from here on out!

I'll be sure to post about the first Mojito sipped while at the pool!

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