Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Second Least Favorite City

Many of you have heard me talk about how much I don't enjoy Las Vegas Nevada. Now maybe if my work travels allowed me any chance to enjoy anything other than The Strip I would change my mind. But they don't and I haven't.

My second least favorite city is pretty much the same deal.

I can't believe they actually held the Olympics here?!?!?

Atlanta in July. The second worse place to be in the United States. I know, one of my favorite TV shows films here (The Walking Dead), but still it's unbearable. It's 100 degrees in the shade this time of year! UGH!

Also, I am downtown, not the best part of the city. Now maybe if the convention center were in Bucktown (Gay!) or Midtown (Slightly less gay) I'd be a little more enthused about it. Downtown you have a choice of about 6 restaurants, well unless you want to eat everyday at the CNN Center food court. But who wants to do that???

There isn't even a chance to run into Anderson Cooper, he's based out of NY!

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