Friday, December 20, 2013

Blast From The Past!: More From the Old Apartment

More pics from the old apartment! I'm sure I said before that so much of what you see here influenced my design aesthetic of today. The idea that you can take a barren old space and create something entirely new has followed me here to the church I now own. Again, I apologize for the quality of these photos. They are from over 20 years ago and digital photography was in the single digit megapixels.

We filled empty spaces with items that delineated the space. Stained glass...who knew I would wind up with so much of it now!

This is a desk made entirely out of windows. You might say we had a window fetish. We found a lot of them at an auction...something like 30 windows, and we paid $20 for them. What a bargain!!!

Another view. The one draw back to a mostly glass desk we found, that you are always dusting it.

One of the many bathrooms. Oy, cleaning them all was such a chore! Again, we used old windows as the shower doors.

Another bathroom! This one has record covers as the flooring. Many coats of polyurethane were needed so that it could be mopped.

And yet ANOTHER bathroom! This one has a painted floor and again, old windows were used for the shower doors.

Here's a beauty shot of the window desk. What you can't see in this pic is that this room was also a closet. All of the clothes are suspended from the ceiling on racks that are attached to a motorized wire system. That way, when you needed to get dressed you just lower the racks and otherwise, they are out of the way. It was a great system until one night we heard a huge bang. One of the hook systems had come out of the ceiling, and there were clothes and destruction everywhere. Yes, the window desk met it's demise that evening. It was nice while it lasted.

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